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Welcome to Red Ink Revival!


You were specially invited here by another leader who has had a great experience with us, and they desire to spread the experience to others.


Odds are, the fact you are at this site, you’re already a high-achiever and visionary.


What are YOU driven by? What are your TEAMMATES driven by? What is your ORGANIZATION driven by? What are your CLIENTS driven by?


If you have ever struggled to figure you out - to know what winds you up, or shuts you down. If you have been mystified by people who are stuck in old patterns of thinking - they quickly become dysregulated emotionally, they seek hyper-control, or the present codependence, or maybe they are risk averse, or they live in fantasy and grandiosity, or more. If you have strived to change the culture of your organization, but somehow the opposing current has been too strong. 


Join us (the Red Ink leader friend that extended the invitation to you and me) as we co-host a FREE WEBINAR to help you grow your life and leadership. If you have ever wanted to be a better leader, to understand what drives you and your organization – we want you to be there.


Now more than ever, understanding the psychological drivers around your life and leadership really matters! Trying harder hasn’t worked. Focusing on goal-performance hasn’t worked. Praying harder, or stressing to be more spiritual, hasn’t worked. But why?


We will show you a clear model that is theological, neurobiological and psychological. You will discover five practical key childhood drivers that have shaped your heart and soul. Then we will give you practical steps and real hope on how to reprogram at the root levels for a life of joy, peace and happiness.


You are devoted to making serious investments at work and life – expecting to see serious results. You are willing to surrender all, leave all and joyfully follow Christ anywhere He leads. However, you expect to live life to its healthiest and fullest.

  • You want a great family

  • You want meaningful friendships

  • Your financial life to mirror a “seek first God’s Kingdom” experience

  • You want your emotional life to energize you with love, laughter and peace

  • You want a vibrant spiritual life, free from shame and condemnation

  • You want to love yourself with the love Christ’s extends; unwavering and satisfied

  • You want to leave a legacy of faith and a model of strength

You are a winner and want to make a difference. Yet you struggle.



We acknowledge that marketplace leaders are a unique breed. The job description itself requires being an articulate communicator, motivator, coach, accountability partner, teacher, boss, expert, counselor, and so much more. Until someone is functioning as a senior leader, as good intentioned as they may be, they can never truly understand the complexities of your role.


At Red Ink Revival, we create safe and energizing cohorts exclusive to marketplace leaders. You will be held in a sacred space. Our environments are both honest and honoring. Our experts will guide the exploration of your story without judgment or criticism. You will have space for optimum processing without static. You will be teamed with other journeying peers.

64% of business leaders suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, stress and depression

While this free webinar is for anyone desiring to grow their leadership gifts, our platform has specific opportunities for marketplace leaders to discover what has driven them.

These are some of the significant challenges that many in your space are facing.

58% of business leaders find their position prevents them from talking about mental health

80% of employees will have a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives



At Red Ink Revival we create a leadership revival through the brain, mind and spirit of the leader – to effectively deal with the spider – because we know...


  • 64% of business leaders suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, stress and depression

  • 58% of business leaders find their position prevents them from talking about mental health

  • 25% of business leaders feel less support for mental health issues since becoming senior

  • 50% of US presidents are historically estimated to have suffered with a mental illness

  • 23% of senior pastors acknowledge having struggled with mental health and emotionally distressing issues

  • 49% of entrepreneurs surveyed reported struggling with mental health and emotionally distressing issues

  • 30% of entrepreneurs reported depression as the number one condition

  • 100% of organizational CEOs reported in one survey to be suffering intense stress, affecting various parts of their personal and professional lives (physical health, anxiety, depression, relationship distress, workaholism, codependent leadership, narcissism, diminished empathy, etc.)

  • Sufferers fear that talking about mental health would affect perceptions of their capabilities and career prospects.


  • 44% of employers are seeing an increase in reported mental health problems

  • 43% of employees would like to receive more support from senior management for mental health issues

  • 33% of leaders feel they are adequately trained to intervene when teammates struggle

  • 65% of managers feel they would be more effective at their jobs if they were equipped to help distressed employees

  • 50% of long-term absence in non-manual workers is accounted for by stress

  • 80% of employees will have a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives

  • 39% of employees will not tell their current manager if they were experiencing mental health or emotional distressing issues

  • 80% of affected workers will forgo mental health treatment due to shame and stigma

  • 82% of employees with mental health or emotional issues say it impacts their quality of work and performance

  • 50% of millennials have left roles in organizations due to mental health reasons

  • 75% of Gen Zers have left roles in organizations due to mental health reasons

Red Ink Revival is an ecosystem of therapeutic leadership retreats and resources to revive the soul for greater impact in every sphere of life (including relationships, marriages, parenting, callings, assignments, commission and life/ministry goals).


is about renewed life; spiritually, emotionally, neurobiologically and physically! Healthy leaders produce healthy followers; dysfunctional leaders produce dysfunctional followers!

Your first step is to join us for a special PERSONAL DISCOVERY EXPERIENCE!

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