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Odds are, the fact you are at this site means you're already a high-achiever and visionary.

  • What are YOU driven by?

  • What are your TEAMMATES driven by?

  • What is your ORGANIZATION driven by?

As you reflect on your own leadership and team, maybe you ask yourself...

  • Have I ever struggled to figure me out - to know what winds me up, or shuts me down?

  • Have I ever been mystified by teammates who are stuck in old patterns of thinking, control, codependence, risk-averse, grandiosity, or more?

  • Have I ever strived to change the culture of my organization, but somehow the opposing current has been too strong?

Many leaders look over their organization and wonder what the invisible virus is that debilitates their best hard skill competencies. Maybe you relate. You have developed and coached the team on every competency you can. You have been trained, gone to conferences, hired consultants/counselors, and read books. But you and your organization continue to struggle in fruitfully executing at home and in the organization.

The stats below are stunning. Stats don’t lie. Take a look and ask yourself if you are tuned into the true condition of you and your team.

  • 24% of pastors' families resent the church and its effect on their family

  • 75% of pastors report significant stress-related crises at least once in their ministry

  • 40% of pastors report serious conflict with a parishioner at least once in the last year

  • 70% of pastors constantly fight depression or fear of inadequacy

  • 70% of pastors report they have a lower self-image now than when they first started

  • 77% of pastors surveyed felt they did not have a good marriage

  • 90% of pastors are workaholics (55-75 hours per week)

  • 11% of pastors struggle with tobacco/smoking addictions

  • 17% of pastors struggle with alcohol and prescription drug addictions

  • 64% of pastors struggle with pornography or other secret sexual activity

  • 41% of Christians think a pastor should resign if discovered using pornography

  • 44% of employers are seeing an increase in reported mental health problems

  • 43% of employees would like to receive more support from senior management for mental health issues

  • 33% of leaders feel they are adequately trained to intervene when teammates struggle

  • 65% of managers feel they would be more effective at their jobs if they were equipped to help distressed employees

  • 50% of long-term absence in non-manual workers is accounted for by stress

  • 80% of employees will have a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives

  • 39% of employees will not tell their current manager if they were experiencing a mental health or emotional distressing issues

  • 80% of affected workers will forgo mental health treatment due to shame and stigma

  • 82% of employees with mental health or emotional issues say it impacts their quality of work and performance

  • 50% of millennials have left roles in organizations due to mental health reasons

  • 75% of Gen Zers have left roles in organizations due to mental health reasons

We acknowledge that Lead Pastors are a unique breed. The profession itself requires being an articulate communicator, motivator, coach, accountability partner, teacher, boss, expert, counselor, and so much more. Until someone is functioning as a pastor, as well intentioned as they may be, they can never truly understand the complexities of a pastor’s role.


At Red Ink Revival, we create safe and energizing cohorts exclusive to senior pastors and staff. You will be held in a sacred space. Our environments are both honest and honoring. Our experts will guide the exploration of team members’ stories without judgment or criticism. Individuals, or the entire staff team, will have space for optimum processing without static. You will be teamed with other journeying pastor-peers in an environment of complete confidentiality.

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