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04. THE INFLUENCER - Joyce Hill - The Professor of Organizational Leadership

Updated: May 3, 2020

Welcome to Episode #4 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. The entire month of January we will be interviewing our Anchor guests and teammates in the Red Ink Tribe.

These amazing people feel a specific calling from God on their lives to be voices, carrying the mission in the Red Ink Revival platform. Our desire is to introduce them with their backstories, so as you engage their content you will have context for them.

This week I am so excited to introduce you our Anchor Guests, Joyce Hill.

Joyce has served as the Organizational Director of Fortune 500 companies like Sprint Telecommunications, State Street, H&R Block and Chrysler Financial. She has worked with executives in individualized coaching, multi-tier feedback, personal development plans and change management. Her work with these organizations includes cultural change, talent development, succession planning, team interventions, performance management, retention strategies and employee engagement. Joyce is also certified at the highest level of expertise in behavioral/personality assessments. From her academic background and time in C-Suites, her experiences and rich knowledge base has been catalyzed for the last 12 years as an adjunct professor at Avila University, where she facilitates numerous courses in the Masters of Science in Organizational Development. Today she is also honored to serve on the Board of Counselors of Avila University.

As you can imagine, we are beyond blessed to have her on our team and in our very first episode together.

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