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54. Patrick Norris – The Invisible War: How Emotional Attachment to God and Self Changes Everything

Welcome to Episode #54 (Episode #4 of our 2021 season) of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. This episode erupts with bold ideas around “the gift of righteousness” and it’s radical implications.

When God looks at you and me, what does He think and feel? Can we do anything to make God love us more? Can we do anything to make God love us less? Are there things we can do to put God in a better mood to us? Are there things we can do to shift God into a negative mood towards us?

The “gift of righteousness” changes everything in our emotional attachment to God and how we regulate with Self. God has gifted sinful humans with His own pervasive, sinless, and “right” nature through Christ’s Redemption. The sinner has been cleansed, vetted, and approved once and for all. This gift provides absolute, undisrupted, and full acceptance by God in the beloved. The sinful person has been justified and cleansed so thoroughly it is as though they have never sinned.

The “gift of righteousness” empowers the Receiver with a pure conscience and confidence to stand in God’s presence without a sense of denial, condemnation, judgment, disappointment, unworthiness, shame, self-deprecation, inferiority, timidity, or insecurity. Even while beholding one’s own human flaws and imperfections, the Righteous behold God as absolutely loving, liking, and being in a good mood towards them both now and for all eternity.

The “gift of righteousness” provides us with radical peace towards God and radical acceptance towards Self, disempowering all feelings of unworthiness, valuelessness, unlovability, hopelessness, powerlessness, fear of incompetence, and self-sabotage. The Believer is now awakened with rights and authority to return to extreme faith, boldness, hope, strength, health, prosperity, and protection.

The “gift of righteousness” is the breastplate, a primary piece of the spiritual armor necessary in spiritual warfare. If we get this wrong in our thinking, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes the battle will be lost. If we reform our thoughts to attitudes with God’s gift of righteousness, nothing will be impossible for us, and demons will tremble.

THE INVISIBLE WAR. Today’s episode is from Patrick’s message series The Invisible War, which examines the devil, his strategies, arguments, reasonings, and doubtings that are designed to kill, steal, and destroy the believer.

For many Christians, an infatuation with the idea of spiritual warfare, focused on external circumstances, keeps them in emotional drama. Yet, Scripture shows that in the five New Testament references about real spiritual warfare, the war is always internal–in the mind. Our battle-ready response to assaults of deceptions–better understood as false perceptions–is to intently forge our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes with truth. Unfortunately, in our day truth is considered subjective, slippery, and based in oppressive experiences or feelings, and for many is merely an intuitive experience. Therefore, many Christians are losing the war, while asking everyone in the “prayer chain” to fervently beg God for deliverance.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister

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