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58. Dr. Todd Bowman – Parenting Healthy Sexuality in a Hyper-Sexualized World – Part 2

Welcome to Episode #58 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s conversation is with Dr. Todd Bowman, a psychologist, neuroscientist, and amazing human being as we talk through parenting healthy sexuality in a hyper-sexualized world.

Our topics take us into why it is important for parents to know, define, and clarify what sexual “sin” is and how engaging “sinful” behavior has life-consequential risks. We learn how our past sexual stories have formed our present parenting strategies. We discuss how the culture’s pressure to conform to certain ideas about sexuality, inclusion, and bigotry have already been forming our kids sexual framework. We explore how postmodern and post-truth philosophies have created ideological momentum that many parents are completely unaware of. We learn how parents are to interpret today’s professional-elitist ideas of “expert science” related to sexuality. We look at how a parent can navigate through LGBTQ+ issues with their kids. We discuss nuances, guidelines, and conversations around masturbation and issues of giving birth control to a sexually active child. These episodes are to equip parents in mentoring their child’s sexual health, and leaving a legacy that extends to their children, grandchildren, and beyond.

This is an amazing episode and part 2 on this topic.

Dr. Bowman is the Associate Professor of Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is an Adjunct Professor for Human Sexuality at Nazarene Theological Seminary. He is an Adjunct Professor of the Intro to Psychology at Nazarene Bible College. He is the author of a great parenting book called Angry Birds and Killer Bees: Talking to Your Kids About Sex. He is the author and editor of Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness.



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