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61. Prayer, Emotional Wholeness, and the Brain on Prayer

Welcome to Episode #61 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. This episode walks through the power of prayer when engaged in the invisible war, the war that rages in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes to compel our manner of life.

What benefit does prayer offer us in this war? Is prayer simply about delegating to-do’s to God, a task list we wish He would do? Or, is prayer about a process that transforms our emotional experiences while having a direct impact on our circumstances? For many Christians, an infatuation with the idea of spiritual warfare, focused on external circumstances or angels fighting in the cosmos, keeps them in emotional drama. Yet, Scripture shows that in the five New Testament references about real spiritual warfare, the war is always internal–in the mind. Our battle-ready response to assaults of deceptions–better understood as false perceptions–is to intently forge our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes with truth. Unfortunately in our day, truth is considered subjective, slippery, and based in oppressive experiences or feelings. For many, truth is merely an intuitive experience. Therefore, many Christians are losing the war, while asking everyone in the “prayer chain” to fervently beg God for deliverance.

In this episode Patrick talks about:

  • How prayer intersects and restores us in a mental battle

  • What it means to pray “with all” prayer

  • What supplications are

  • What happens when we move “face to face” with God

  • How thanksgiving changes our imaginations of God, ourselves, and circumstances

  • What happens in the brain when we pray, and how this impacts our emotional experiences

  • How the power of watchfulness and perseverance is needed

  • What it means to pray “in the Spirit”

Today’s episode is from Patrick’s message series, The Invisible War, which examines the devil, his strategies, arguments, reasonings, and doubtings that are designed to kill, steal, and destroy the believer. The Invisible War series is available at, through the LifePointe Church Kansas City app (search LifePointe KC), and on Spotify and Pandora.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister

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