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65. Pastor Tim Somers, Evan Norris and Cole Cooper - How Anxiety and Panic Run in the Culture

Welcome to Episode #65 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s conversation is with Pastor Tim Somers, Evan Norris (Patrick’s son), and Cole Cooper. This episode was recorded on Elevation Church’s Run the Culture Podcast, known as ‘The number one podcast on Mars’. Pastor Tim serves as the Youth Pastor under Pastor Steven Furtick and is one the sharpest leaders around; Evan and Cole are the best hosts ever.

Our conversation includes the following topics:

  • Reliving high school social anxieties in our adult years.

  • The triggers in comparison and popularity structures.

  • How memories format the brain for future survival.

  • Healthy anxiety versus chronic fear.

  • How the brain can exaggerate threats by use of imaginations.

  • How anxieties are always the root drivers of sinful behavior.

  • Mind patterns that build habits.

  • Discovering “you” is about radical acceptance of Self.

  • How anxieties begin with narratives that are personal, pervasive, and permanent.

  • How to listen to anxiety and explore its messages.

  • What identifying “threat generalizations” is about.

  • How to disrupt anxious narratives.

  • Having a healthy desire for something versus emotionally needing something for feelings of survival or belonging.

  • How anxiety can express even in “chill” or shy personalities.

  • The differences between a habit and an addiction.

  • How to “name it” will help you “tame it” (feelings wheel).

  • Defining the nature of sin with a feature of inherited trauma and epigenetics.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister

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