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70. Rick & Christine Presley–Betrayal: When Life & Relationships Feel Disorganized & Threatening–Pt1

Welcome to Episode #70 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s conversation is with Rick and Christine Presley on all things “betrayal”, with a primary focus on the betrayal of a sexually unfaithful spouse. This is a must listen for pastors and church leaders to effectively position betrayed congregants for healthy recovery from sexual betrayal.

Rick and Christine are therapists and experts in the field of addiction and partner betrayal. They are licensed marriage and family therapists and experienced treatment providers in grief, loss, and trauma recovery. Their certifications as certified sexual addiction professionals, EMDR providers, and partner betrayal clinicians make them extraordinary voices to help people navigate this turbulent topic.

Our conversation takes us into the following:

  • The primary conversation pieces of betrayal in marriage.

  • What happens when a partner discovers sexual betrayal.

  • The power of the gap between what has been believed as reality and the discovery of a betrayal.

  • What betrayed partners experience psychologically, emotionally, and mentally.

  • How 20% of partners have experienced marital rape.

  • How trauma from betrayal changes a victim’s personality.

  • How being unaware of negative cognitions will keep a victim from healing.

  • How 60% of betrayed partners have suicidal thoughts and just want emotional disruptions to stop.

  • How codependency shows up in church systems and is projected onto a betrayed partner.

  • Rick’s former raging sexual addiction and Christine’s experience of partner betrayal.

  • How betrayal trauma can keep you stuck in anger and anxiety cycles.

  • Immune system and other biological reactions that are from chronic anxieties specific to betrayal.

  • How betrayal trauma multiplies features of personality disorders, but often the disorders are misdiagnosed after betrayal.

  • Trusting your own spousal intuition and signaling.

  • How negative self-talk contributes to increasing the trauma experiences.

  • How betraying partners often abuse through gaslighting.

  • Self-abandonment versus self-compassion and radical acceptance.

  • The power of therapeutic validation.

  • How boundaries are empowering for growth and healing, grounded in reaffirmed values.

  • Rebuilding the sense of connection and healthy attachment with all relationships.

  • Healthy versus unhealthy therapeutic groups for betrayed partners.

  • Managing groups where a hyper-dramatic person dominates the group.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister

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