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79. Adam Young – Attachments: How Science Informs Our Relationships and Leadership

Welcome to Episode #79 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast.

Today’s conversation is with Adam Young. Adam is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with Master’s Degrees in both Social Work and Divinity. He is a certified colleague of The Allender Center, co-founded by renowned psychologist Dr. Dan Allender and our previous Red Ink Revival guest therapist Cathy Loerzel. Dr. Allender and his trained clinicians–including Adam Young–are the foremost thinkers on Story Work. Adam is a certified EMDR clinician, which addresses trauma and brain function. He has also served as a pastor in a local church. Adam’s podcast, The Place We Find Ourselves, is a favorite. Adam’s practice is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Today Adam and I talk about attachments, and how they organize all of our relationships including our leadership connections.

Our conversation includes the following:

  • Adam’s faith story and how he became a therapist.

  • Why historical story work is so important for people–especially pastors and leaders–to explore.

  • What an attachment style is, the four kinds of attachments, and how our brains evolved with our own style.

  • How pastors and leaders are better leaders when they know the truth behind their own stories and attachment style.

  • What Scripture has to offer us to compel us to dig into attachments.

  • How to “earn” a secure attachment style.

  • How early childhood development of the brain and attachment has informed our instincts in relating with romantic partners, friends, and even God.

  • How spiritual disciplines and exercises are experienced differently based on individual attachment styles.

  • How repentance looks different for those with different attachment styles.

  • How pastoral preaching is styled after the pastor’s own attachment style.

  • How attachment predisposes us to emotional flooding and dysregulation.

  • How knowing the truth of our stories in the context of our family of origin is critical to repentance and healing.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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