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90. Dr. Terry Wardle – Leadership Dysfunction as a Symptom of Emotional Disruption

Welcome to Episode #90 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s conversation is with theologian, pastor, and seminary president Dr. Terry Wardle, as we talk through how leadership dysfunction is a symptom of emotional disruption.

Dr. Wardle has served as a church planter, seminary president, professor, author, and international speaker. Today he directs the Institute of Formational Counseling, Healing Care Ministries, and Healing Care Ministries International. During his own season of deep brokenness while leading a great Christian organization, Dr. Wardle met Christ as he never had before. Dr. Wardle leverages this transformational encounter to see similar transformations in thousands of leaders worldwide.

Our conversation takes us into the following:

  • Terry’s faith story from meteoric rise in ministry to sitting in an inpatient psychiatric institution.

  • How his spiritual giftings hid all the pain of an unresolved past.

  • The story of his amazing successes to immediate deep depression and irrational fear and panic of being in crowds.

  • How professional competencies do not indicate a person’s health.

  • How at a young age, Terry watched his grandfather die, and the next year he woke up next to his grandmother who had died in her sleep.

  • How anger and achievement give the illusion they can still the storm of fear.

  • How neurobiologically, when we are wounded we are wounded episodically; therefore we must be healed episodically.

  • Why simply reading or memorizing Scripture often fails to change us.

  • How we sometimes use “spiritual pain killers” in hopes of escaping the pain.

  • How dysfunctional behavior is a symptom of emotional disruption.

  • How what is true is conceptual, what is real is episodic, and how these differences give huge insights.

  • How shame is the basic sense that you don’t measure up.

  • How an effective ministry demands we have an authentic life.

  • How identity is not about competency but about having a clear self-definition.

  • How identity is not what makes you unique, but it is the foundation on which uniqueness rests.

  • How workaholism in ministry is not a matter of theology, it’s a matter of pathology.

  • How it’s not achievement but awakening that changes your life.

  • How dysfunctional patterns come from loss, lies, and wounds.

  • How to know you have grieved losses appropriately and sufficiently.

  • How the language of emotion is uncensored, but the language of cognition is sterilized and guarded.

  • The importance of lamenting and of the imprecatory Psalms for healing and transformation.



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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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