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94. Patrick Norris – Differentiation: The ART of Self-Definition and Identity through Responsibility

Welcome to Episode #94 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. In today’s episode Patrick is continuing with one of the most important factors for successful leaders: differentiation. Self-differentiation is a human flourishing code cracker. If you have wondered why you can’t seem to get the ‘wins’ you work so hard for, even after training with conferences, consultants, books, podcasts, and mentors, this episode is for you!

This episode takes us into the following:

  • Review of Dr. Murray Bowen’s Systems Theory.

  • Sharing of quotes from Pastor Steve Cuss’s work about Systems Theory from his book, Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs.

  • Discussion regarding the distinctions between enmeshment/fusion, detachment/distance and self-differentiation.

  • Continued exploration of the 5 components to mature in self-differentiation: A-R-T-S-Y.

  • Exploration of the ART (awareness, responsibility, and truth) of self-definition and emotional identity.

  • Biblical texts to reinforce ideas of intentional responsibility around emotional states.

  • How self-awareness is a critical component of identity, but without responsibility it makes a person entitled, self-absorbed, and toxic.

  • How God is looking for growth and maturity, rather than flawlessness and perfectionism.

  • How self-definition comes from within, not by being adaptive to other’s desires, emotions, and projections.

  • Examination of pro-depressive circuits and empowerment (dopamine) circuits from Dr. Andrew Huberman’s work, a neuroscientist from Stanford University.

  • Great exercises to build the responsibility muscles and instincts.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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