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96. Patrick Norris – Differentiation: Standing Up and Showing Up as Who You Really Are

Welcome to Episode 96 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. In today’s episode Patrick is continuing with one of the most important factors for successful leaders, self-differentiation. The past 4 episodes have focused on these concepts, starting with episode 92 (The Leader’s Kryptonite: Emotional Fusion Versus Differentiation) giving the context for the series. If you have wondered why you can’t seem to get the ‘wins’ you work so hard for, even after training with conferences, consultants, books, podcasts, and mentors, this episode series is for you!

Today’s episode takes us into the following:

  • Review of self-differentiation and giving context to leadership challenges.

  • Identifying overt/conscious and covert/unconscious anxieties in teammates and organizations.

  • A short review of the 3 components to mature in self-definition or identity: A-R-T.

  • How standing up and showing up really is having both individuation and connection.

  • The rewards of standing up with who we really are versus the costs of not standing up with who we really are.

  • The fears that keep us stuck in hiddenness.

  • Standing up with assertiveness versus aggressiveness.

  • Scripture references for standing up with individuation and connection.

  • Exploration of how to stand up when it is uncomfortable.

  • What courage is and how to engage it.

  • How to prepare for an interaction that requires you to stand up.

  • How skills are to help manage our own anxieties, not control the other’s.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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