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98. Dr. Todd Bowman – Catching Up and Uptick in Client Issues

Welcome to Episode 98 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s conversation is with psychologist Dr. Todd Bowman as we catch up and talk about an uptick in client issues.

Dr. Bowman is the Associate Professor of Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is an Adjunct Professor for Human Sexuality at Nazarene Theological Seminary. He is an Adjunct Professor of the Intro to Psychology at Nazarene Bible College. He also is an evaluating psychologist for assessing seminary applicants for seminaries.

Our conversation takes us into the following:

  • How the pandemic has created increased disruptions of flow.

  • What we can do to turn off the negativity and disruptions.

  • The importance of being curious rather than judgmental.

  • The impact of pandemic, political, and racial unrest issues.

  • Common issues that are showing up in marriage, parenting, and overall well-being.

  • Cognitive/rational issues that are increasing.

  • Affective/emotional issues that are increasing.

  • Biological/physical issues that are increasing.

  • What is happening to our kids, families, and churches from experiences during the pandemic.

  • The culture’s avoidance of naming things “trauma”.

  • How grief, anxiety, and anger has taken a toll on life.

  • Dopamine experiences of pleasure and pain in opponent process theory.

  • Post orgasmic experiences in marriages where sex is not bonding.

  • How interpersonal bonding helps resolve dopamine drops.

  • Common solutions and treatments given to clients for management.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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