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47. THE THERAPISTS-Rick and Christine Presley-Living and Leading Through the Gift of Differentiation

Welcome to Episode #47 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. DIFFERENTIATION begins with our God given “free moral agency.” Our ability to choose puts a unique and full responsibility square on our individual shoulders. Yet in time, in family systems, in social systems, we see people lose their sense of uniqueness, their individuality, and they become emotionally unsure of where they begin and where they end. They become enmeshed, feeling the need to please others, absorbing other people’s emotional states as their own. And before long, the gift of “free moral agency” becomes blurred, and collateral damage begins to happen all around.

In this episode we have a rich conversation with Rick and Christine Presely. They are licensed marriage and family therapists, and experts in grief, loss, and trauma recovery. They also have one of the most grievous and injurious stories to be told. Before becoming therapists, Rick had a secret raging sexual addiction that began in his early youth that extended for years in their marriage. Much of his anonymous sexual experience was during his time as a pastor on staff at a church. Rick and Christine’s story of recovery is one that gives hope to all. However, it didn’t happen in a vacuum; it happened by clarifying foundational principles, including first, DIFFERENTIATION.

You will learn in this episode what DIFFERENTIATION is and how to implement it in your life. You are going to love this episode.

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Edited and produced by Evan (Emac) McAlister.

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