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Whether you come from a background such as atheist, agnostic, other world religions, or you have a Christian background - and no matter how spiritual you feel you presently are - we invite you to join us for the recovery adventure you have been longing for.


Our goal is to provide the best in theology-based transformation, as well as the best proven clinical therapies formed in psychology and the brain sciences.


You want to live out healthy boundaries and align with personal values, yet you struggle with…

  • Porn addiction

  • Sexual addiction

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Drug addiction

  • Gambling

  • Electronics/gaming addiction 

  • Emotional eating and obesity

  • Compulsive rage

  • Compulsive spending

  • And more


Shame pulsates through your heart and soul, only further spiking your anxiety. You don’t know how to move forward. Maybe you have prayed, fasted, received counseling, and even surfed addiction websites, but while your knowledge has grown, your transformation has stalled out.


We want to help! Our team of PhD and therapeutic experts in the field of addiction recovery are excited to bring you the hope, healing, and transformation you have been longing for.


Our 3-Day Recovery Intensive is a great investment of time and money. The best addiction recovery professional “think tanks” recommend 2-3 years in addiction recovery therapy to rebuild the neurocircuits and repair attachment wounds that have made life unmanageable. Attending a Red Ink Recovery Intensive will jumpstart your recovery with the equivalence of 6-8 months of weekly counseling. Your group experience with 6-10 others will maximize the recovery process.

Join us for one of our upcoming Red Ink Recovery Intensives. For more information, upcoming dates and costs click the button below.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in one of the following addiction intensive options, please fill out our addiction interests form below and we will either assess if we have enough participants interested to host our own intensive, or we will refer you to a recommended expert addiction recovery colleague that offers the option you are interested in.

Addiction Interest
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