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6 Week Process Groups

Saturdays from 8am-9am CT – 6 Consecutive Weeks
Dates will be finalized after we reach our minimum registrants

It can sometimes feel awkward projecting that what we went through as children has an incredible impact on our soul/spirit and brain/body.


You might think, “My family was really great growing up. I wasn’t abused or abandoned. There was always food on the table and a roof over our head.”


While some attachment wounds create a PTSD effect, other wounds - like ruptures in one or more of these parental areas below and go undetected by our consciousness awareness but show up in our everyday personality and passions.


  • Lack of Attunement

  • Lack of Responsiveness

  • Lack of Engagement

  • An inability to regulate our affect

  • Inability and lack of strength to handle our negative and big emotions

  • Unaware or unwilling to repair


Bottom line, neglect and unrepaired wounds still register deeply on our psychology, and need attending too – even if you don’t experience any of the more obvious unwanted behaviors like addiction or being the toxic one in relationship groups.


This is why we are hosting a live virtual process group for 6-weeks, hosted by psychologist, Dr. Todd Bowman and Pastor Patrick Norris.


Because healing begins with knowing… knowing what really happened in your soul/brain from the moments within your family of origin and beyond. These are insights that are stealthily lurking and disrupting everything from the way you present yourself to new people to the way you manage intimacy and platonic closeness to the way you regulate emotions to the way you lead an organization.


Dr. Todd Bowman is one of the leading human behavior experts in the world, and he will be joining Pastor Patrick Norris, another addiction professional and expert. They are both special friends to have in your corner.


During our 6 sessions we are going to use instruments to help you put the finger on the nerves of your past. You will see your own psychological, professional, and emotional profile emerge with understanding as you collect the dots, connect the dots, and then correct the dots.


Enter your info below and come join us – it’s might be one of the greatest things you have ever done in your life!


“Red Ink Revival saved my ministry.”

“This is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

“I now lead with a new awareness that is curious about why the people I lead are reacting the way they are. I have an x-ray mechanism I never had before.”

“I learned things about my own leadership that I never was privileged to know before.”


  • A 55-minute+ Zoom session each week for 6-weeks with Pastor Patrick Norris and psychologist, Dr. Todd Bowman.

  • A minimum of 10 total registrants committed to the process is required. We can accommodate up to 30+ per group. Our registration attendance limits are so each person can see things in their own story with help from Patrick and Todd.

  • Worksheet, instruments, and other tools are provided to focus on personal discovery and personal emotional drivers.

  • Todd and Patrick will apply professional expertise, insights, and coaching to attendees desiring to understand parts of their specific story in group sessions.

  • One of the perks of being a registrant to our StoryWork Process Group is that attendees will have opportunity to have up to 3 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Bowman to work through their specific Story at an additional $135 per hour (contracted with Dr. Bowman).


  • COSTS - $250 per person for six 1-hour group sessions. [General rates of meeting with a therapist in 1x1 sessions cost between $100-$200 per hour. Red Ink Revival is offering this process group experience with 2 professionals for around $41+ per person per hour.]

  • STORYWORK ONLINE/IN-PERSON CONFERENCE ALUMNI DISCOUNT - If you attended a STORYWORK ONLINE/IN-PERSON CONFERENCE you are eligible for an alumni $50 discount, or a final cost of $200 per person ($33+ per session). This special coupon discount is only active for 3-days after your STORYWORK CONFERENCE ends and then the price goes up to the $250 mentioned above. Simply enter the provided coupon code at registration for the special discount. If you failed to capture the coupon code at the online conference, email us at and upon verification of your attendance and deadline requirements we will provide you with the discount code.

  • INVITE FRIENDS - Invite any friends to join this group. We won't launch the process groups and registrations won’t close till we meet our minimums of 10-30 per group.


Patrick Norris-Circle.png


Founder / CEO
  • Founder & Curator of Red Ink Revival Leadership Platform

  • Senior Pastor (22+ Years)

  • Guest Speaking Church & Conference Speaker (13+ Years)

  • Adjunct Professor at International Bible Colleges

  • Pastor to Pastors

  • Certified Sexual Addiction Professional (PSAP-S)

  • Married 30+ Years; 2 Adult Kids

Patrick Norris is a husband, father, pastor, and strategic/therapeutic mentor to leaders in all spheres of influence. From childhood to adulthood, Patrick struggled with panic attacks while leading growing organizations. After bouncing from therapist to therapist, he was trained and certified as an addiction professional, gaining expertise in trauma reprocessing and learning the neuro-sequences that drive emotions to behaviors. Having experienced personal wholeness, today he has a compelling desire to help leaders make sense of their stories, to discover the historical, to learn what drives the hysterical. Today, Patrick uses the Red Ink Revival platform, podcast, and therapeutic groups to bring effective and lasting transformation.


Patrick has a Bible professor’s theological depth, a motivator's inspiration, and a brother's humor. He has been privileged to minister to global audiences in churches, conferences, and Bible colleges for over 35 years. He is the founding Pastor of LifePointe Church, which has merged with Hope Point Church in Olathe, KS (Kansas City), where he is Pastor Emeritus. He is also a certified multiple/sexual addiction professional with the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes (the pioneer of modern sexual addiction recovery models).

Patrick is married to his wife of 31 years, Tina. They have two adult sons, Evan and Mitchell, who also serve in church ministries. He loves those Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, as well as our famous Kansas City BBQ. In short, he loves all things Kansas City!

Todd Bowman-Circle.png


Psychologist (LCPC, CSAT-C)
  • Associate Professor of Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Adjunct Professor, Human Sexuality, Nazarene Theological Seminary

  • Adjunct Professor, Intro to Psychology, Nazarene Bible College

  • Course Consultant for Highlands College (Birmingham, Alabama – Church of the Highlands)

  • Author and Editor of Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness

Dr. Bowman received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University in 2008 and has been practicing professional counseling since that time. During his time at OSU from 2003-2007, he served as the Director of the Nazarene Student Center.

Dr. Bowman developed the Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider program in 2011 at MidAmerica Nazarene University, and it remains the only sexual addiction training for mental health professionals that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and recognized by the United States Department of Education.

He continues to write and present locally, nationally, and internationally on topics related to sexual health and sexually addictive behavior, including the publication of his first book, Angry Birds & Killer Bees: Talking to Your Kids About Sex (Beacon Hill Press, 2013). Currently, he is working as the editor and primary author for the Christian textbook Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness for Harper Collins.

In addition to his specialized work assessing, diagnosing, and treating adults and adolescents with sexual addictions and attachment-related concerns, Dr. Bowman has specialized training in stress management, anxiety reduction, and other affective regulation methods, as well as psychological assessment. He operates from a relational existential Christian-integration perspective in his work and regularly incorporates attachment, developmental, and neurobiological perspectives as appropriate.

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