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For most of us, there is an inner protest for working on our own stories. We feel the desire to face our own shadows and reactivity while making sense of whom we have become. But we also feel a grief-contention providing reasons to procrastinate or avoid the opportunity. Other clients report that their biggest hurdle was knowing that someone else might become aware of the parts of their story that brings shame or embarrassment. We are aware of these mental blocks and have created a solution that is cost-effective, easy, credible, safe, and client-empowered. And everyone has complete autonomy to share what they want to share when they want to share, or not share it at all. Below are some inner protests and our solutions.


COST-FRIENDLY – “Therapy is TOO expensive!” Some clients report that any initiative towards working therapeutically on themselves was met with the sobering reality that most therapists charge $100-$200 an hour. At Red Ink Revival, we offer our podcast content and our online e-courses free of charge. Also, an individual can join a 6-week process group with a trained professional facilitator for around $33 per session/week. The group dynamic allows for effective interactive work to be done while remaining financially affordable. An entire church staff of 10 can go through one 6-week process for a grand total of $2000, which is far less than the cost of taking a team to a typical hard skill leadership conference. Taking all 8 courses and processing in a group is equal to two years of professional therapy.


CONNECTION – “I know I need therapy, but I keep putting it off. I even think I must go, but then I think ‘I don’t know WHERE to start or whom to go to.’ Then I begin thinking about the emotional drain I’m feeling in protest of facing my crap, and so I find reasons to not go.” Clients often say that when they began looking for therapeutic processing that they didn’t know where to even start, or whom to trust. Knowing that in every sphere of discipline, from pastors to carpet cleaners, there is a huge disparity between individual capabilities and giftings. Through our podcast resources our Red Ink Revival clients can get acclimated and comfortable with our content, coaching style, principles, and giftings. Then they know what trusted therapeutic relationship to turn to as they want to do work together. For entire church staff teams, there is a huge benefit in everyone hearing, learning, speaking, and growing in the same life-changing tools. Red Ink Revival is a one-stop-shop for walking out your story with hope and freedom.


COMPETENCY - “I’ve gone to therapy/counseling before, and it never seems to do any good. We go in, complaint, and the therapist listens. After weeks I’m not sure why we even went. We keep cycling with the same problems as before. Therapy was a waste of money…expensive money, and time.” Many therapists report that they are “trauma specialists”, but upon further investigation, we learn they have not taken any trauma-informed training from a credible training organization. The impact that neglect, abuse, boundary violation, enmeshed parents, disengagement, and so much more can have on the way good, sincere leaders lead today is huge. Red Ink Revival and our professionals have been trained either by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals or in other therapeutic modalities for CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brain Spotting, Trauma Bonding, etc. Our Red Ink Revival psychotherapy style is to be directive and proactive versus non-directive and passive. While many therapists are non-directive, allowing the client to set the topic and pace of the treatment process, we have a directed plan towards a template understanding of all maladaptive behavior. Our facilitators listen to stories to help deconstruct them for understanding their present driving behaviors. RIR begins with an overview of human flourishing and the template processes for dysfunction. We give tools, exploration, identification, and recovery exercises for each stage. Our clients know why they are working on what they are working on. Our alumni report that our process model for therapy is one of the greatest experiences they have ever had.


COMMUNITY/CARE - “I’ve gone to therapy before and when it is over, it’s over. I don’t have community or camaraderie to continue the work. Therapy is a one-off experience. It is difficult to keep growing without community.” Our 6-week Process Groups bond through vulnerability, invitations into stories, and by corresponding empathy and compassion from other Group members. Our alumni report that they found friends that are now closer to any friends they have ever had, even including some bonds with family members. These relationships continue and become emotional “process-guides” using the Red Ink Revival models and tools to process issues at church, marriage, and overall life. And because Red Ink Revival is developing 25+ 5-hour top quality e-courses that take clients from their own story work to becoming a Red Ink Certified Facilitator, the journey of community and after-care just goes deeper and deeper.


COACHING/COMMISSION - “I’d like to take what I’ve learned and turned it into a skill competency of my own. However, without formal training, I could never be competent. Yet I am very desirous to keep growing my own human flourishing and gift others with what I am learning.” Red Ink Revival is creating training courses that are associated with each Group Module throughout the year. We call these courses Red Ink University courses. Our goal is to have 25+ different 5-hour courses, from Family Systems Theory to The Neuroscience of Emotions. 125-course hours will constitute a Red Ink Revival Certification as a trained facilitator. The Red Ink process is the gift you are able to give yourself, then give to others for the rest of your life. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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