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Patrick Norris is a husband, father, pastor and strategic/therapeutic mentor to leaders in all spheres of influence. From childhood to adulthood, Patrick struggled with anxiety attacks while leading growing organizations. After bouncing from therapist to therapist, he was trained and certified as an addiction professional, gaining expertise in trauma reprocessing and learning the neuro-sequences that drive emotions to behaviors.


Having experienced personal wholeness, today he has a compelling desire to help leaders make sense of their stories, to discover the historical, to learn what drives the hysterical. Today, Patrick uses the Red Ink Revival platform, podcast, and therapeutic groups to bring effective and lasting transformation.


Patrick has a Bible professor’s theological depth, a motivator's inspiration, and a sitcom humor. He has been privileged to minister to global audiences in churches, conferences, and Bible colleges for over 37 years. He is the founding Pastor of LifePointe Church, which has merged with Hope Point Church in Olathe, KS (Kansas City), where he now serves as the Legacy Pastor. He has been certified as a multiple/sexual addiction professional with the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes (the pioneer of modern process addiction recovery models). 

Patrick is married to his wife of 32 years, Tina. The have two adult sons, Evan and Mitchell, who also serve in church ministries. He will tell you that he loves those Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, as well as our famous Kansas City BBQ. In short, they love all things Kansas City!


It is indeed a privilege to be able to say that Patrick Norris has been a good friend of mine for several years. Patrick’s wit, dynamic personality, depth of theological thought, diligent pastoral care and all around love for people will burst to the forefront of almost anything he does... in particular where God’s people are involved. As both a pastor and ministry clinician, Patrick has a deep burden for those who struggle in life and wonder why. He has been gifted to be able to provide both compassionate and loving pastoral ministry as well as talented psychotherapeutic help to so many of the strugglers in the Body of Christ all from a clinical/Christian prospective. Patrick’s impeccable integrity and character is a monument to the testimony of the person God has created him to be. I’ve become richer as a person and have benefited greatly from the life giving message the Lord has given Patrick and the friendship we’ve shared throughout the years. 


Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Founder of Life Clinics and President of Elim Bible College


Our culture rewards driven leaders without caring what’s driving them. When that drive comes from a dark place, horrific things happen. To them, their family, and everyone under the influence of their leadership. Can this trend of self-destruction be avoided? One conversation with Patrick Norris will make you an optimist. By focusing on the neuroscience around human behavior; particularly the myriads of destructive addictions, and becoming a guide to whole-heart leadership, you’ll be energized by the value-driven map Patrick has passionately developed for leaders in all spheres of influence! 


Chairman of Joel Osteen/Lakewood Church’s Champions Network of Pastors

We are so grateful for the gift and ministry of Pastor Patrick Norris. We are so thankful for the man of God and loving example he has set for all. His genuine and deep care for people to live in whole health is a great inspiration. His ministry and impartation has not only impacted us personally, but our entire organization of church and ministry leaders. 


Faith Christian Fellowship International Network of Churches


Patrick Norris has been our friend for over 30 years and has served on our Board for 28 years. He has always been a man of utmost integrity, with impeccable character and a rock solid foundation based in God’s Word. God has given him an unparalleled teaching gift to explain complex subjects in simple terms. We highly recommend Patrick Norris and His ministry! 


Founding Pastor of Valley Family Church & Host of The Basics With Beth TV Show

Patrick Norris is one those brilliant minds in the church world that has been instrumental in helping thousands find a better way to live out a life of authentic faith. When you blend that with his gentle humility, you have a man you can trust with your soul. Secure every resource you can that he has! 


International Speaker and Author

I’ve known Patrick for several decades now. I’m always amazed at the insight that he has in areas dealing with leadership on multiple levels. I recommend Patrick and the tools you will find on this site. 


Founding Pastor of Faith Family Church & Author

Patrick Norris is a gifted teacher and a devoted student who has spent decades crafting his skills as an educator and counselor. He has a unique gift to help others easily understand the complexities that exist between the mind and the heart of man. His teachings are easy to follow and even easier to implement to bring meaningful and positive change to those who seek it. 


Founding Pastor of Valley Family Church & BOOM Pastor’s Network


Patrick Norris has a genuine desire to see people live their very best life despite the sometimes brutal reality of the past. His understanding of human psychology balanced with the eternal truths of God’s Word makes his a truly life giving ministry. 


Founding Pastor of Church Unlimited

Patrick Norris is on a journey that could change the face of leadership! I’ve known Patrick for many years. His love, energy and thoughtful approaches to complex ideas has inspired so many. His background and expertise around theology, neuroscience and psychology has set him up to work on the core issues within a leader. His approach to look deeper than strategic ideas and into the compulsive heart and personality of the leader rewires them for success in the home, marriage, parenting and the marketplace. I am excited for what is next in Patrick’s dream for leaders! 


Author and Blogger “Fresh Manna”

Patrick is a very compassionate and intentional leader. He has spoke into our lives and ministry on numerous occasions. When you’re around Patrick prepare to be lifted up, inspired and challenged! Patrick is constantly learning and growing and he works very hard to bring others along on the journey of growth in leadership. 


Missionary and Founder/CEO of Spellman Ministries

Patrick has been a friend and confidant of mine for over thirty years and I have had the privilege to see his leadership skills in action. Patrick is gifted in teaching and his content is rich, full of wisdom but in a way that people are able to grasp it and implement it into their everyday life. 


Founding Pastor of CityGate Church

I believe the scope of transformation that Dave Ramsey has brought in the area of financial peace, is the magnitude of freedom from the bondage of addiction, shame, and emotional brokenness, that we have the potential to see through Patrick Norris’ Red Ink Revival. This type of bondage is epidemic in our culture today, and I truly believe that Patrick Norris can help bring true restoration and real freedom to people’s lives. 


Founding Pastor of Family Life Church & Author of Yes, You Can Have a Baby!

Easy Money | Financial Brain | Patrick Norris
Valley Family Church

Easy Money | Financial Brain | Patrick Norris

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